Kym Rapier

Kym Rapier is chief executor of the Rapier Family Foundation. Since 2008, the Rapier Family Foundation has distributed more than $23 million to non-profit groups, mostly in the San Antonio, TX region. Many causes benefiting from the Rapier Family Foundation focus on students at-risk of dropping out of school, homeless animals, seniors and the physically disabled.

She is also founder of Kym's Kids, a new non-profit organization that offers scholarships coupled with community service to disadvantaged students throughout San Antonio and Bexar County.

. . . In 2011, Ms. Rapier's goal is to distribute up to $30 million for scholarships and other causes through the Rapier Family Foundation . . .

Kym Rapier was President and Founder of Silver Life Fitness, a subsidiary of WellMed Medical Management. Silver Life offered exercise programs for older adults, usually in community centers, medical clinics and other neighborhood settings convenient to members. Silver Life was recently merged into United Healthcare.

In 2011, Ms. Rapier's goal is to distribute up to $30 million for scholarships and other causes through the Rapier Family Foundation.

Kym, a San Antonio native, graduated from Churchill High School and attended the University of Texas at San Antonio on a volleyball scholarship. She worked for years as a personal trainer before starting her own health club, Family Fitness Unlimited, on the South Side of San Antonio in October 2000.

In 2008, Kym developed the concept of converting Family Fitness Unlimited into the first privately run Senior Center in Bexar County, and possibly all of Texas. The Elvira Cisneros Senior Community Center by WellMed is one of the most active senior centers in the region, offering exercise, education, health screening and nutrition services that are free to anyone age 60 and older. In partnership with the City of San Antonio, lunchtime meals are provided at no cost 5 days a week. More than 2,000 seniors a month come to the Center.

Kym Rapier

The nation's top federal aging official praised the Center as a model for senior activity and wellness.

Kym works tirelessly with several causes supported by the Rapier Family Foundation, organizing fund-raising events and developing partnership opportunities that benefit various non-profit organizations throughout Bexar County. She also sponsors and organizes annual appearances by Santa at inner-city schools and community centers, distributing gift cards, meals and other goodies to young and old.

Kym is married to Dr. George M. Rapier III, Chairman and CEO of WellMed Medical Management, Inc.

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